By road no.32 is the Þjóðveldisbærinn ( Farm of the republic ). A farm building constructed in the medieval style in commemoration of the 1100 years of settlement in Iceland in 1974. A small stave church, enclosed with turf, has been built next to the farmhouse replica. The design is conjectural, based on ruins of a church found in excavations at Stöng. www.thjodveldisbaer.is
If you visit Þjóðveldisbærinn you should also stop at Sultartangi power station. On the highland route along the road beyond Þjórsárdalur valley, the Sultartangi Station is one of the first buildings that comes into sight. The powerhouse is set into the side of the mountain and is therefore invisible from outside the site, although the switch gear house can be seen from some distance away. Many interesting sightseeing spots are found in the vicinity. Háifoss waterfall is close by, while the road forks on the far side of the river Þjórsá. One route leads to the southern lowlands and attractions there such as Galtalækjarskógur, a wooded campsite at the foot of the volcanic Mt. Hekla. In the other direction, towards the highlands, the road goes on to Hrauneyjafoss power station, the Veiðivötn lake cluster, the north-south central highlands route across the Sprengisandur desert, and many other interesting places for travelers. www.landsvirkjun.com